Saturday, January 29, 2011

It was time, I thought, to move into the cloud. . .

I have a hand-sized angel with a missing wing sitting on my desk under the apple logo, hands outstretched, reminding me that flying is probably more about faith than physics. This bloggy venture is really a leap of faith that I have something wise enough to say in public, but I am reassured that we all have a lifetime of wisdom to impart to the world. I have been blessed with a life full of wise friends who soon be asked to do some serious imparting in the cloud. Poetry, painting, videos, news, photos, advice, stories--I want to have it all. There will be, in the future, a diary posted. A script. Bad jokes.
and here, this poem....

of all possible worlds

In that land, the inhabitants
dreamt of buses, trains and timetables---
with practiced ease they spent sleeping hours occupied
with worrisome jobs, polluted streams, unquenchable desires
and unstoppable cruelty.
When they awoke it was with relief and joy
to the true world they loved to inhabit,
where children flew in stately golden flocks over crystal seas,
and time moved backward,
and kisses lasted forever.


  1. Can I go there?? Please? Pretty Please????

  2. I am doin' the happy dance in my heart that you have your very own blog. I am your forever fan.xx

  3. Congrats! And not to worry. I have proven that you don't actually have to be wise to dispense wisdom. And, of course, that one mans ramblings can be another womans wisdom. I, for one, look forward to your ramblings. I'm sure I can hallucinate brilliant wisdom on the rare occasions that there's none actually there.

  4. and our Creator joins with us in that Real World. Waiting with you,