Tuesday, August 2, 2011

gossiping about Vincent Van Gogh

A weird sort of thing happened to one of my posts.  It had this title (Gossiping about Vincent Van Gogh) and is actually one of my favorite poems, sort of a post modernistic glimpse of Vincent from my own perspective of total fantasy.  I had joined it to some pictures from the web of a few of Van Gogh's more obscure works and somehow it was getting hundreds of hits a day, many from the former Soviet Union.  Who knew?  While the poem was good, I'm guessing that it might not hold up all that well in Russian.  My guess is that it actually had something to do with the pictures and so I've taken the whole thing off my blog,  and hope to see what happens.  Sadly, my number of "hits" will probably go way down, but I'll have a truer picture of how many readers there really are.

Speaking of readers, I love knowing that anybody reads this stuff.  Thanks.  Your eyes are beautiful.

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