Sunday, September 18, 2011

Double Helix

The Double Helix nebula, located near our own galactic center

I lie in the nest of the easy chair, babe asleep on chest,
his warm heaviness seeps into my core
making my arms heavy with joy,
weighing down my eyes with joy,
filling up my heart with joy.
Here is a little boy on my body,
never in it but borne from it nonetheless.
Nearby my daughter sleeps after her long ordeal—
her deep familiarity easing into eyes and heart.
I hold what is from her
but is not her.  I hold what is from me but is not me.
We nestle together neath the warmth of a westering sun—
and I am from that sun but am not myself a sun.
My heart bears heat from the very core of that yellow star,
bears light from its light, but is not that star.
This child of my child is also a child of that sun.
Together we lie comfortably in the world, in this chair,
waiting patiently for the sun to set,
for other stars to fill the warm night air.



  1. My heart, warmed by the words, sparked from the heart, warmed by the babe, born of the dust, from stars long silent.

  2. this to beautiful we begin our lives suspended in the magic for nine months and we are so lucky to get to grow old with the beauty you represent. crow thanks you!

  3. Thank you both. The world is more beautiful because you are both here.

  4. I am touched by the beautiful sceen and spiritual feelings expressed in this poem.