Sunday, October 16, 2011

please let the light that shines on me....

A: All right, who moved the moon?
B: Because last night it was there and now I
C: can't find it where I left it.
D: Darn moon.
E: Even when I look up it isn't there.
F: Finding something like the moon shouldn't be so hard.
G: Gonna have to call the moon lost and found.
H: Had a star once, kept it in my pocket,
I: inside my pocket was a hole--
J: just a little one, but the star slipped out.
K: Kinda cruel. Lose a star. Lose the moon.
L: Losing everything it seems.
M: Miss the light. Miss the sparkle.
N: Never knew how big a hole the moon could leave.
O: Oh, wait. Over there. Oddly placed but
P: perfect. That shine just on the horizon.
Q: Quiet. I'm listening for more light.
R: Really? You hear it too?
S: Sobering thought, isn't it? We can both hear Light
T: trying to push up the big blanket of darkness and
U: unless I'm mistaken there's the moon and my lost star!! 
V: Very small and very shiny.
W: What would we wear if it weren't for stars?
X: Xylophones?
Y: You are silly. Now, put on your star, I'll put on mine and we will
Z: Zippideedooda on outta here.


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