Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fairmount, Indiana

James Dean

My Dad is buried near James Dean, of slouching leather fame.
They high schooled together in this farm town
but James achieved escape velocity—
—flew his one orbit, became a shooting star for us to wish on.
Dad and 47 other kids worked one Midwestern foot
in front of the other toward a well-deserved old age,
carrying a generation of rebels on their quiet shoulders.

Now Dad and Jim share this dirt, and surrounding trees
whisper what the living can never know.

Burr Stephens


  1. Neat, I loved James Dean. East of Eden was my favorite movie of his. Didn't realize he was a Hoosier. So way my grandfather.

  2. so very true...rebels always need someone to provide them with a home...

    thanks for sharing rhonda - from tahirih cook