Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Peace as Art: Al Black speaks

Original artwork by S.K. Dapoz

Three Spring Questions

In the Deep South, spring waits at the garden gate.
Wisteria & trees intertwine
While exchanging winter grays & browns
For bright blouses of blossoms.

The air smells alive--
Fertile Earth is warm
As it crumbles between my fingers:
A handful of dust – ions in the making

Sprinklings from the birth of stars
Blood & bones of Cherokee – of European – of African
Struggling no longer, united in my hand--
Fertile earth to feed future generations

Is war inevitable?  Will peace come only in the clouds
Of chalk dust from Einstein’s equations?
Or does peace come with springtime
Entering at the gate?

(A. E. Black, 03/01/11)

Al Black is a native of Lafayette, IN, who now resides with his wife of 39 years in Chapin, SC.  He is an active Bahá’í, works as a recruiter for a medical school, blogs irregularly and writes poetry on a daily basis.  He also hosts a twice monthly live poetry/music venue in Columbia, SC called Mind GravyMind Gravy events showcases a featured poet, guest musician and open mic from the top creative talent in South Carolina and the surrounding states.  He may be found on Facebook or at or at

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  1. I feel spring waiting at the garden gate!!!! in spite of us......