Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Liberally given Love

Liberally Given Love
(for all the dogs we've loved...)

Under dappled shelter of city trees,
the man sits comfortably on the same park bench.
Every day he sits and appreciatively sips espresso,
reads the Times and casually throws a ball
for the Retriever who waits at his feet.

The Dog has been waiting for this ball
and jumps up with a grin to fetch it back,
knowing that her man will want it,
will need the ball again.

There is an eternal sweetness to this pas de deux
of man and dog.  It is an old choreography
born in the remote distance of a long ago pact.

This dog has known for a thousand years
that it is the man’s heart that is thrown,
and knowing it will be wanted again
she jumps up to retrieve it with a grin.

Good girl. .  .
                         rhonda palmer

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