Sunday, July 10, 2011

So nice they named it twice

(a true story...)
We were wearing our cutest clothes that night on the Great White Way.  Two sisters on the town, feeling good, feeling free.  Oooooh, New York City……

I had gotten us tickets to the Lion King   Sister and I were happy and there and ready to party with Simba and the gang.  I walked up to the ticket guy, presented my e-ticket and then listened with disbelief as he (kindly) informed me that my ticket was for the previous month.  Something about a minor miscalculation with the calendar while ordering, perhaps, he said.

The young man behind the bullet-proof glass at the will-call window listened (kindly) but was already shaking his head “no” as I asked if there were any tickets available for purchase that night.  Stories about out of town sisters and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities did not move him.  He and I were startled by a scream and flurry of activity in the lobby and I turned in time to see three white haired women topple down the escalator in slow motion.  Sister was also watching it happen and immediately leaped (leapt?) over the velvet cord toward the escalator.  I said to the young man at the will-call window behind the bullet-proof glass, “Watch my purse,” and then I also leaped (leapt?) over the velvet cord by my side and ran to the escalator which had been stopped by that observant ticket-taker.  Sister and I, both nurses, proceeded into emergency mode; directing traffic, triaging wounds, trying to comfort the three elderly, shaken women who were also in their cutest clothes on the Great White Way.  Now they were on their way to an emergency room.  As soon as the EMTs arrived, Sister and I stood up and re-adjusted our now slightly rumpled but still cute clothes, and I walked back for my purse.  As I approached the will-call window and pulled my brain out of adrenaline world—as I reached for my purse—as I remembered that our evening had been ruined by an errant mouse-click—the young man behind the bullet-proof glass slowly pushed two tickets out of the slot next to my purse.  And he said, “Thank you.”  

Oooooh, New York City……

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