Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everyone is entitled to MY opinion

Let me think about giving up an opinion.
It could be any opinion. 
About weather or hem-length or toilet training. 

Here is my opinion.  See it?  I’ve polished it,
Put a little hole in the top, right here, and
hung it on a chain around my heart.  Nice, eh?

I see that you have an opinion too.  Nice chain,
by the way.  Yours is a funky color.
I think it has a bad smell and it clashes with your eyes.

You should wear one like mine, don’t you think?
I know where you can get one, and it’ll look
nicer than that old thing.

Yah, my opinion can save lives. 
Your opinion will make us all into slaves, or worse.
You’d better give yours up.  Just pitch it into the garbage.

Smart people wear opinions like mine.  Stupid people
have opinions just like yours.  People who care
wear these.  Heartless people wear those.

Sometimes I want to take the chains off my heart
and say to you, “Hey, nice heart.  Look!  I’ve got
one too!  Wow.  Sweet.”  But then I remember.

My opinion is always best…



  1. your opinion, as mine, are no more than tiny facets on the huge-iant disco ball of life. Together they make it all sparkle. It would be dull to have only one plane.

  2. I, personally, feel that everyone should have their own opinions. However, as is clearly apparent to anyone with half a brain, those worthy of acknowledgement and respect would certainly agree with mine. ;-)
    Reminds me of one of my old pieces:
    Thanks for the smile.