Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keeping on

I wore my shoes until the seams split,
the soles shredded, my socks showed.
I wore my shoes until I had walked
500 miles and I had walked 500 more.
My shoes carried me on this journey
---each step a revelation.

A path ahead---my shoes gone!
Rocks cut my feet, but I take one more step.

                   One more step...



  1. Poor tootsies. Need a piggy back ride? These dogs are made for walkin'.

  2. How impressive is this? Great little verse. Congratulations.

  3. Love these lines and love that song! :-)

  4. I love your soleful intrepretation...powerful and so true~ Life moving forward, no matter what~

    This line is really beautiful to me:

    "each step a revelation"
    Powerful write; I loved it~

  5. I love the poem. I love the song and movie clips. This is Johnny Depp at his best and so fitting with the poem.