Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today’s poem from Tobias.


“Thank you lungs

for making me brave

and not making me chokey.” 

Then he said, in a conspiratorial whisper, “They really wanted a poem about them.”

We just don't have enough poems about lungs, do we?


  1. Tobias! You are very correct! And a very good poet! I Love your poem, and I am sure that your Lungs are very happy about it too! I hope you will write more poems to share with us! (Takes a deep, happy breath...)

  2. BTW, Toby is 4, and that is really a picture of him. Yeah, he's just like that...

  3. Can't decide what I love most: his spirit of gratitude, his hair or his eyes. Just knowing your 4 year old grandson is creating and whispering such poems makes me chokey.

  4. Well, Tobias, I never would have thought about lungs making me brave unless you had put it in your poem. I think this is why we need poems about lots of different things, lungs too. Thank you, and I hope you make more poems.

  5. oh my GOODNESS! Our lungs DO make us brave because if we breath through the anxious moments...we calm ourself down. how unbelieveable!