Monday, April 11, 2011

The Greatest Talent, by Thatcher Ross

This gas-dust cloud, NGC 7129, lies 3300 l.y. from Earth. The rose tint comes from heated dust, the green from carbon monoxide. The colors involved in the image are from these wave bands: 3.6 µm = blue; 4.5 µm = green; 5.8 µm = orange; 8.0 µm = red.

(Thatcher Ross was my yoga instructor in Worthington.  He and the lovely Bashka continue to inspire, amuse, feed, and delight their many friends.  This is from his blog Pranarama.

The greatest talent one can aspire to, is to sooth, teach, inspire and empower simply through one's very presence.

To be at peace with one's self, the current course of worldly affairs and whatever condition, or state of development, others are in. To hold the largest point of view in mind while feeling compassion for the smallest of things. To maintain the curiosity of a child and the patience of a scholar. To embrace the habits of listening with full attention, reflecting others in their best light (especially when that's not how they feel), and speaking and acting for the benefit of a greater good. To have the capacity to empathize deeply while not becoming infected by unwanted emotional energies. To be eagerly engaged in a constantly fluid state of personal growth and evolution. To joyfully embody the spirit of the infinite through individual expression. To actually be present.


  1. Perfect 10! Smile. Hold your hands above your head. Chest out. Look perky and confident. You have so nailed the above words with your life.

  2. You are a very kind friend indeed.