Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twenty Fables in search of a Moral: 7-9

Fable Seven: The game

The tortoise and the hare played their Saturday evening game of cribbage, along with the mouse and a horse from China.  The hare usually won, but occasionally the tortoise would skunk them all and then they would celebrate with a glass of pure water and an alfalfa pizza from Monzoni’s.  Tonight’s game seemed endless, so they called a draw and then raced home, except for the Tortoise who carried his home with him wherever he went.

Fable Eight: Child # 1

When the baby was finally born she carried with her seven angels, fourteen good fairies and three not so pleasant spirits.  These inhabitants argued for several hours about where each of them would live and finally settled themselves into their various small moist rooms in the tiny form.  The baby was mostly good, occasionally ill but always full of laughter.  Her mother was delighted with the company, and took her for long walks through the busy city streets.  The traffic was a constant source of consternation for her unseen companions, causing them to complain endlessly about the accommodations.

Fable Nine:  Another beginning

Three days after leaving the earth, the spaceship made a sudden and unexpected turn toward the sun.  No one ever reported back to earth on the causes of the this change of course, and no one was able to ask the ship’s commander what it was like to fly into the heart of a living sun.

by Rhonda Palmer

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