Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes I just have to get sentimental

My grandson placed his hand on mine today.

While laughing at a joke he reached out with
unconscious affection and placed
his seven year old hand over mine.

Time races, and a million hands
reach, touch, hold on, lift up, let go
but there is this memory of laughter—
this chorded miracle of my grandson’s hand.


  1. You know - I have forgotten sooo much but I have a lovely memory of holding Amina's hand at a TAMU intermural softball game. I love holding hands. Men hold hands with men here. Jessa & Bree laugh and say that when we walk around holding hands - everyone thinks we are gay... OH Well!

  2. "There you go again..." Just touching those heart-strings so gently and bringing that collective smile to our faces ... again.